White Horse Wine & Spirits

Dynamic Image Group recently developed an interactive “education center” application for White Horse Wine. The custom-made application, which allows online customers to learn about different wines and food pairings, is actually based on an idea from a White Horse employee. All we did was listen, design and implement a unique application that is currently exceeding expectations. Please visit www.whitehorsewine.com to browse around and take a look at the education center that we created!


White Horse Wine- Testimonial:

We have worked closely with Dynamic Image Group for the past 8 months preparing our website for launch. During this time, we have been consistently impressed with their skills. DIG employs a creative approach that is different from the rest of their competition. Their designs are not cookie cutter products that look like every other wine and spirits website out there. They have set themselves apart by working directly with us to create a truly custom design that makes our website stand out from the rest.

The things that impressed me most about DIG were that they were always available to talk about updates and changes to designs at a moment’s notice. When any issues were found, they were able to offer quick solutions to the problems or fixed them in within a day. Also, their method of attracting customers and getting top rankings on Google impressed us from day one.

In summary, the things that set DIG apart from the rest of their competition are great customer service, customized designs, quick solutions to issues and proven customer attracting system.

~White Horse Wine and Spirits