BrainStorm Tutoring 

“Dynamic Image Group is a high quality, customer-centric firm dedicated to solid service. The principal is friendly and reliable; my experience with him has been excellent. DIG is in the process of building a customer relationship management (CRM) system for my tutoring company, BrainStorm. This system is already streamlining a number of our internal processing & organizational issues, and saving us much-needed time so that we can focus on our core competency: helping our students to succeed. Thank you, DIG.”

-Scott D., BrainStorm Tutoring


White Horse Wine 

“We have worked closely with Dynamic Image Group for the past 8 months preparing our website for launch. During this time, we have been consistently impressed with their skills. DIG employs a creative approach that is different from the rest of their competition. Their designs are not cookie cutter products that look like every other wine and spirits website out there. They have set themselves apart by working directly with us to create a truly custom design that makes our website stand out from the rest.

The things that impressed me most about DIG were that they were always available to talk about updates and changes to designs at a moment’s notice. When any issues were found, they were able to offer quick solutions to the problems or fixed them in within a day. Also, their method of attracting customers and getting top rankings on Google impressed us from day one.

In summary, the things that set DIG apart from the rest of their competition are great customer service, customized designs, quick solutions to issues and proven customer attracting system.”

-White Horse Management


Queen Anne Wine 

“People should take the time out to share good information with others when they are happy with someone’s services but too often they don’t, they seem to find the time for negativity instead. Well, I for one would like to take the time out to let people know about a company called Dynamic Image Group. I have had the pleasure to now be working with Dynamic Image Group for approximately two years. They built us a brand new website and worked very closely with us and all our quirkiness to satisfy our every need. I really have to give them credit because dealing with us and our constant changing of our ideas and goals, we would have driven anyone crazy, but they were extremely patient and understood that our ideas were a work in progress. I truly believe with all the changes that we threw in their lap, it would have cost us hundreds if not thousands of extra dollars with any other company. Also, I must add that the time frame in which they handled our every whim, change and demand was unprecedented. I would call and literally depending on the day and time, things would be fixed within minutes, hours or at worst a day! Now, you can’t tell me that would be the case anywhere else!

Overall, the system he built for us is extremely easy to use, especially our not so “tech” minded people. It takes me literally minutes to change a price, vintage, or stock status of one of my items. It’s amazing! We couldn’t have asked for it to be any easier. Getting past the excellent support and the ease of our site the MOST IMPORTANT aspect of dealing with the Dynamic Image Group is that they have DOUBLED OUR ONLINE SALES and we are on target to double again! We already doubled our sales in January which is a great forecast for the rest of the year.

This is certainly a company I would highly recommend to anyone in the market for a great website!”

-Kristine S., Queen Anne Wine


BobKat Liquors 

“Dynamic Image was and is the perfect E-Solution I was looking for. Coming from never having a website, let alone an E-Commerce Website, they have built a solid solution. They walked us through every step, and now we have a very active site generating more sales than expected. The one on one tech support is unparalleled.”

-Brian H., BobKat Liquors